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Welcome to Traditional Catholic Mass.Com Web Site!  Most Catholics have never had an opportunity to learn much about what the Catholic Mass really is.  Just as a person can not love someone they do not know, which is why a person can not love God if they do not know anything about God, so also no one can love the Catholic Rite of Mass unless they know what the REAL Catholic Mass is, and what it is not.  Thus the reason for Traditional Catholic Mass.Com Web Site

We extend a most heart-felt, sincere Thank You to each Visitor for visiting this very unique Roman Catholic web site which has many web pages filled with many interesting Truths and specific, hard-to-find anywhere else, data which you will discover are not available on most, if indeed on any, other Roman Catholic web sites! 

Plus, to the best of Our knowledge, at this time, We are not aware of any other Catholic Prelate on the Internet who, by the Grace of God, had physically attended a pre-Vatican 2 Roman Catholic Seminary, except for Ourself!

We likewise thank, in advance, all of you who will be reading, and also those of you who will be downloading, at least some of the web pages which you find here, especially with the invaluable help of the Contents Page (link below) with the respective links to the web pages on this web site for easier navigation. 

We also thank the thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of Visitors who, over the years, have chosen, and the others who continue to choose, to download so many of the web pages on this web site.

In addition, there are also still other thousands of Visitors who have downloaded almost every web page on this web site!  This truly indicates the great value of the many Truths, graphics (especially the many graphics which are very unique, because they are so original, which are only to be found on this web site), and all of the other data which you will find on the many, and varied by subject, web pages on this Traditional Catholic Mass.Com Web Site 

Links are provided for those of you who are in need of Roman Catholic Masses to be Offered for your Intentions, as well as for those of you who are in need of Roman Catholic Requiem Masses for deceased Loved Ones or others. 

Again, Thank You for Visiting! Happy Reading  and downloading!  Please keep in mind that We do add new web pages from time to time and also redo various current web pages periodically.
God Bless You! 
Patriarch Jacobus Maria DeJesus, D.D.

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